December 27, 2017 Darryn Grimsley

What are your opening hours? Our shop opening hours are Thursday 12pm – 7pm, Friday 12pm – 7pm and Saturday 10am – 1pm.  We are also open for collection of pre-ordered beer throughout the week, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Do you deliver? We currently do not offer delivery for our cask ale, but bottled beer can be delivered through our online ordering system.

Can I buy single bottles? Absolutely.

Can I buy a mixed case? Absolutely, and we also have six pack carry-out cases ideal for mix and match.

Do you have polypins and can I just swing by and grab one? Our regular beers Wandle, Junction and Pumphouse Pale Ale are always available for filling at the brewery. Other seasonal beers will need to be pre-ordered to ensure availability.

How big and heavy is a polypin? We sell our bright beer in 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers which are approximately 6kg, 11kg and 21kg respectively.  The smaller ones can be carried comfortably but we recommend transport for the larger 20 litre container.

How much is in a cask? A cask of beer holds 9 gallons or 72 pints. They’re ideal for bigger events like weddings and includes the hire of a tap, cradle and cooling jacket.

Will a cask fit in the boot of a car? A cask weighs about 52kg and can comfortably fit into the boot or back seat of an average sized family car.

How long does bright beer last? We always recommend collecting bright beer as close to the event as possible so the beer is at its freshest.  Once opened you should consume within three days.  Unopened, the beer will keep for a week.

Can I call in to taste the beer? Absolutely, that’s what it’s all about! Join us for a free pint on ‘Free Pint Friday’ or drop into the shop during opening hours for a taster of any of our beers.

Do I need to keep the beer refrigerated? Optimal serving conditions are 10-12 degrees Celsius which is cellar temperature.  To keep cool we recommend storing either outside during the summer months or in a cool room in the winter months. A damp cloth placed around the outside of the plastic container can also help keep the temperature at optimal level.

Do you do gift vouchers? Yes, gift vouchers are available at the shop or we can post them to you.

Can someone show me how to tap a cask? When purchasing a cask for a party you will receive a spile, tap and cradle for dispense.  Your shop attendant will provide instructions on how to tap a cask to enable proper dispense.

Will someone be able to help put the beer in my car? Absolutely, we are always happy to help our customers.

When does the loan equipment need to be returned?  There is a deposit of £50 for the cask and equipment loaned with our ale and we ask that this is returned as soon as possible. Please be aware that we are only able to provide the refund during normal shop opening hours. If the cask and equipment is returned outside of these hours, we will need to contact you afterwards to return the deposit.